Little Ghent Farm . Ghent . New York / NY

Architect : Pelone Bailey Architects . Chatham NY

Photos : Adrian WM Jones

About The Architecture

Little Ghent farm is a newly restored yet rustic rural farm in the Hudson Valley, it's a small farm with a big heart and is now a central part to the Ghent NY community. The unique outbuildings designed by Pelone Bailey Architects perfectly display what this operation represents. A combination of the the past and the future with a clear sense of permanence, these structure fall in line with today's  new found love for local produce crafted with quality and care. It's urban farmers market meets real world working rural farm, and this is what makes it entirely unique. The buildings (completely built from scratch) stand with one foot in that past and one in the present, half metal half wood, yet with all the imposing beauty and grace of barns from 150 years ago. They bake bread and cakes, hold workshops, cook dinners make ice cream, rear animals, make honey, host events and retreats and if that's not enough you can book a night in the barn!

About This Shoot

This was a full day shoot from dawn through dusk shot in the fall of 2019. The four seasons in a day around this time of year helped create fall like scenes around this beautiful little farm. I like to use the weather in my work and let it navigate a shoot if it turns out to be that kind of day. Why stop shooting when the rain comes down? To me that just adds another dimension to the story you are trying to convey, my least favorite time to shoot anything happens to be on a perfect cloudless summer day as it kills the definition and usually flattens the colors.

There was a lot of ground to cover at Little Ghent Farm hiking back and forth from one building to another as the the clouds briefly parted and pooled light on different areas of the location. Although I  had already shot a vast amount of material by lunchtime it's far too easy to wrap up, pushing through and squeezing every last shot of a day is key for me, on several occasions I have been relieved that I decided to not pack up after 10 hours and did 20 mins more as that time has provided essential shots to many collections. As long as I know I have done everything within my power to nail the shoot, then I can leave comfortably without any 'if only I had just done whatever'.

Little Ghent Farm was a completely ambient photo shoot with very little in terms of post Photoshop, I wanted to keep it natural and true mixing an everyday documentary feel with sharp metalic angles and rustic nature of the buildings creating a sense of both a modern conceptual farm and family home. Check out the link below 'Made In Ghent' for more information on this rural gem!

Adrian WM Jones

Adrian Jones is a Connecticut based architectural photographer & documentary photographer. With over 20 years in the field he has worked in many areas of the film and photography industry and now uses his vast experience to focus on photographing architecture for architects and personal documentary projects.

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