Lock Up & Go Pool House . Chatham. New York / NY

Architect : Barlis Wedlick Architects . New york City / NY + Hudson / NY

Photos : Adrian WM Jones

About The Architecture

Seasonal utility meets organic styling meets modern convenience  is where it's at with this New England pool house. Considering the reckless winters, massive seasonal dumping of leaves and the sudden thunderstorms during the summer months, having a pool house you can lock down in minutes and return to it months later is quite an asset. This design by Barlis Wedlick Architects cleverly morphs into the sculpture of the original house as the roof mimics it's angles enabling the two structures to sit very comfortably together. The genius of the clear glass garage door which shelters the kitchen area if necessary is a simple quirky gesture that really sets it apart from the norm, fitted with wheeled counter tops, you can even roll it all out onto the patio if the weatherman has got it right.

About This Shoot

Photographed unseen, this was one shoot where I would say I would not have been able to successfully work the inaccurate weather forecast into something suitable or acceptable. A Pool house is gonna need sun, or signs of it at least. Luckily I was able to make up a lot of lost ground here in the final few hours of light, leafy shadows, (my absolute least favorite exterior issue to deal with) were here in abundance. I used a lot of heavy handed strobe work here to blast them out and distract from them as much as possible. I was able to get away with using two White Lighting strobes at almost full power from across the pool for the main wide shot as the sun was already hitting it low and hard. The outdoor shower and bathroom images required plenty of light too with a more of a gentle touch, there were a two monolights and 3 speedlites worked into each of those shots allowing me to complete the images in a single frame, no post masking required. At this time of day and year I was able to push the on coming sunlight back hard enough without blowing out the foreground. It's nice when what seems a doomed to be a disaster of a shoot can be salvaged and come together so quickly at the end of the day. Another example of why never to even think about packing up before the the sun does.

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Adrian WM Jones

Adrian Jones is a Connecticut based architectural photographer & documentary photographer. With over 20 years in the field he has worked in many areas of the film and photography industry and now uses his vast experience to focus on photographing architecture for architects and personal documentary projects.

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