Litchfield County Farmhouse . Lakeville / CT

Architect : Amber Construction . Collinsville / CT

Photos : Adrian WM Jones

About This Shoot

Every now and then you come across a shoot which is perplexing, frustrating and really needs some breaking down in order to avoid a disaster. This was one such interior, a well lived in home, with an abundance of personal belongings and furnishings, coupled with an incredibly challenging interior. Shiny glossed paint wall, matching curtains bedspread and wall paper, a dark satin coated dark wood paneled winter lounge to name but a few.

You feel at odds with what you are trying to capture! Step one is to remove as much as possible from each scene, step two is to contrive angles which limit the interaction between what is going on ie. you have isolate a small number of areas in the home which will amount to a complete perception of the interior without giving too much away and exposing yourself to combinations which are not going to look as the creator intended. It's a very fine line, I believe there is a shot to be had in every room but you have to carve it out, stage it, sometime recreate the scene completely, and that will save your skin! If you are not willing to play the role of interior designer, art director, architect, stage prop hand, you could be in line for an epic failure.

Adrian WM Jones

Adrian Jones is a Connecticut based architectural photographer & documentary photographer. With over 20 years in the field he has worked in many areas of the film and photography industry and now uses his vast experience to focus on photographing architecture for architects and personal documentary projects.

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